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Breed: Brangus  Registration#: R10227112  DOB: 02/26/2012  Gen: 5   Polled
connectorLead Gun of Brinks 222K14  
connectorLambert of Brinks 317R3                    
connector   Ms Brinks Good Fortune 317M  
GR Swift 209W3
connectorBright Side of Brinks 789G5        
connectorMs Brinks Bright 209L11
connectorMiss Brinks Newsday 209G9
connectorTransformer of Brinks
connectorBurtin's Transformer 803G3
connectorBurtin's Miss Milky Way 803E
Suhn's Miss BT 331S43
connectorCadence of Brinks
connectorSuhn's Ms Cadence 331M3
connectorSuhn's Miss Promise 331J12

BW205 Wt365 WtSCADGREA 365IMF 365FT 365
Additional Comments:
DDF-Foundation 331Z28 is the young exciting $66,000 GR Swift 209W3 son out of the best full sister to Suhn’s Next Step. He exhibits the moderation, thickness and growth of their sire plus the depth of rib, bone, foot, structure and base width of their donor dam is also evident. He ranks in the top 3% for WW & YW and 5% REA along top 15% TM. Foundation 331Z28 is being used across many herds in the Brangus breed with high expectations. He is sure a bull to try in your contemporary selection and be on the forefront of the breed’s newest cutting edge genetics offered!