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Breed: Brangus  Registration#: R10201653  DOB: 02/13/2011  Gen: 4   Polled
connectorMC John Wayne 165N3  
connectorMC Jethro 00S3                    
connector   MC Ms Stout 00M5  
MC Something Special 129W14
connectorLead Gun of Brinks 222K14        
connectorMC Ms Lead Gun 129T12
connectorMC Ms John Wayne 129R7
connectorBlackhawk of Brinks 607M12
connectorLuke of Brinks 784P14
connectorMiss Brinks Best Bet 784K10
MC Ms Lucia 127W
connectorEasy Money 08D2
connectorMC Ms Easy Money 127K11
connectorMC Ms 282/4-127G

BW205 Wt365 WtSCADGREA 365IMF 365FT 365
Additional Comments:
Multiple Trait Leader Game Changer is the ultimate herd changer. With a 205 weaning weight of 936, yearling of 1520 and REA of 18.2 inches, this great herd sire is a trait leader for WW, YW, REA and IMF. He writes EPDs ranking in the breed's top 1% for YW, REA and TM with top 2% WW and IMF and top 10% SC with top 15% of the breed Milk.. He was the top seller in the 2012 Mound Creek Sale and is out of their best heifer from her entire calving year. She is from a proven family for fertility and quality udders. His dam is currently a leading donor for Pennridge Ranch and Mound Creek. Her calves are consistently superior. The Game Changer progeny are continuing his outstanding performance - his calves have excellent bone, substance, spring of rib and dispositions and power. This is a herd sire that can change a herd.