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Breed: Brangus  Registration#: R10207919  DOB: 01/31/2011  Gen: 3   Polled
connectorTJM John Wayne 44L  
connectorMC John Wayne 165N3                    
connector   MC Ms New Man 165K  
MC Jethro 00S3
connectorCCC Madison 346J        
connectorMC Ms Stout 00M5
connectorMC Ms Traveler 416-00K10
connectorConnealy Freightliner
connectorMC New Direction 000M24
connectorMC MS 189/4-000J22
MB Ms New Direction 17R5
connectorBright Side of Brinks 789G5
connectorMB Ms Bright Side 17N6
connectorER Lady XS 17B

BW205 Wt365 WtSCADGREA 365IMF 365FT 365
Additional Comments:
Yellowstone posts 7 EPD traits in the top 30% of the breed or better. He specializes with a top 15% WW, YW, TM and IMF. He also records top 10% REA, and 30% Milk EPD. He is long spined, soft made, and sure to be a female producer. He and his full brother, Yosemite, are both featured AI sires and their dam, 17R5 is a Summit Cow and among the most complete females in the breed! She is sired by New Direction, a full brother to Bear Bryant, and her dam is a powerful Brightside daughter. She records EPDs ranking her in the breed's top 1% for YW, 2% REA and WW with top 4% WW, 10% SC, 15% IMF and 20% Milk. She posts a 378 day calving interval and is a valued donor in our herd. Her production record justifies her numerical superiority with 8 @ 105 WR, 106 YR and 7 @ 106 REA and 113 IMF ratios. His first calves are on the ground and live up to expectations of power, growth and phenotype.