CRC Guardian 9U8U5$40Return to Semen Sales

Breed: Brangus  Registration#: R10122023  DOB: 03/20/2008  Gen: 5   Polled
connectorCadence of Brinks  
connectorLead Gun of Brinks 222K14                    
connector   Miss BB New Big Easy 222E55  
Csonka of Brinks 30R4
connectorUppercut of Brinks 14J8        
connectorMiss Brinks Uppercut 30L18
connectorMiss Brinks Sundance 30J32
connectorBest Bet of Brinks 535H38
connectorMBR Mr BB 44M2
connectorWOW Ms Lassy 44J5
Miss 4L Best Bet 9U8P5
connectorGaucho of Brinks
connectorMiss 4L Gaucho 9U8M
connectorMiss 4L 9U8-5

BW205 Wt365 WtSCADGREA 365IMF 365FT 365
Additional Comments:
DDF-CRC Guardian 9U8U5 is one of the great herd sires that is being used by many today in the Brangus breed. Backed by one of the top cows in the breed MISS 4L BEST BET 9U8P5 the consistency of useable, marketable calves is showing up when breeders use Guardian in their AI systems. He can add breed character and bone and maintain depth, length and muscle in his calves. He is one of the most widely used Brangus sires in crossing with Angus females to produce Ultrablack females and bulls. A set of Guardian sired open Ultrablack heifers averaged over $5,000 in the GENETRUST at Chimney Rock female sale in 2012. He ranks in the breed in the top 1% SC and FT top 10% TM ,WW, YW and top 15% for IMF along with a top 25% in REA.-That is top 25% in 8 traits!