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Breed: Brangus  Registration#: R10216038  DOB: 09/28/2011  Gen: 4   Polled
connectorAli of Brinks 209J2  
connectorSuhn's Affirmed 416N4                    
connector   Miss CC News Day 416E  
CB Hombre 541T3
connectorBright Side of Brinks 789G5        
connectorMs Brinks Bright Side 541K28
connectorMiss Brinks Heavy Duty 541E8
connectorLead Gun of Brinks 222K14
connectorLambert of Brinks 317R3
connectorMs Brinks Good Fortune 317M
Ms Brinks Lambert 803T6
connectorSundance of Brinks 392G9
connectorMs Brinks Sundance 803P8
connectorMiss Brinks KO 803J

BW205 Wt365 WtSCADGREA 365IMF 365FT 365
Additional Comments:
DDF - CB PASSPORT 803Y11 is the best Hombre son ever produced. The cross of Hombre and Lambert is very exciting. His WW is exemplified by his outstanding real world adjusted 205 day weight of 772 lbs. to ratio 123. Passport posts top 25% WW and SC with top 30% IMF EPDs. His individual performance backs this up with an ultrasound scan of 15.57 REA to Ratio 114 with a 4.53 IMF to ratio 105 and an adj SC measurement of 40.5. His dam Miss Brinks Lambert 803T6 was one of the feature lots at the 2011 Global Collection Sale in Houston, TX. She is was purchased by Mike and Susan Burke and Truitt Brangus where she is produced some of their top progeny, she sold again in Houston in 2012 for $45,000 to Lake Majestik. His full brother sold in the 2013 Cavender Ranch Bull Sale for $19,000. Study PASSPORT from the ground up and you will find he is sound in every way. He is a consistent sire of body and bone.