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 CB Final Cut 924X$50Return to Semen Sales

Breed: Brangus  Registration#: R10168212  DOB: 01/28/2010  Gen: 3   Polled
connectorConnealy Freightliner  
connectorMC New Direction 000M2                    
connector   MC Ms 189/4-000J22  
MC Revelation 129T
connectorNimitz of Brinks 75L12        
connectorMB Ms Nimitz 129R
connectorMB Ms Big Cat 129M3
connectorLead Gun of Brinks 222K14
connectorMC Guns Donovan 124R
connectorMC Ms John Wayne 124N
RBM Ms Guns 924T3
connectorMC Cool Hand 52M6
connectorRBM Ms 52 Cool Hand 924R
connectorMiss NMSU 924

BW205 Wt365 WtSCADGREA 365IMF 365FT 365
Additional Comments:
DDF - CB Final Cut 924X was purchased in the 2011 Genetrust at Cavender Neches River Ranch Bull Sale for $14,000. Final Cut's sire is, Revelation, who is the #1 ranked YW EPD trait leader in the breed and a Brangus Trait Leader for YW, WW, SC and REA and top 10% Milk EPD. His maternal Great Grand Dam is the famous New Mexico State 924 who is the Dam of On Star, Eligido, and Rock Star. His Dam 924R, backed up 30 days to settle AI with him, her second natural calf. His Dam 924R sold in the 2012 Genetrust Chimney Rock Female Sale for $14,000 going to back to Blackwater Cattle Company.