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Breed: Brangus  Registration#: R10174663  DOB: 10/17/2009  Gen: 6   Polled
connectorBright Side of Brinks 789G5  
connectorBrinks Bright Side 607L11                    
connector   Miss Brinks Big Easy 607H10  
Robertson of Brinks 209S9
connectorAngelo of Brinks 489K4        
connectorMs Brinks Angelo 209P14
connectorMs Brinks New Era 209M
connectorKO of Brinks 392F10
connectorUppercut of Brinks 14J8
connectorMs BBCC Big Easy 14D3
Ms Brinks Uppercut 795R9
connectorTransformer of Brinks
connectorMiss Brinks Transformer 795H
connectorMiss Brinks Carrara 795E8

BW205 Wt365 WtSCADGREA 365IMF 365FT 365
Additional Comments:
Bragg 795W11, who sold to Truitt Brangus for $30,000, was chosen as one of AMS's "Top 5" herd sire prospects selling in the fall of 2010. With his first calves, he has proven a unique ability to add muscle and rib and power, while holding frame as well as any herd sire in the breed, ever! With his first calves, Bragg is now a Brangus EPD Trait Leader for multiple traits, ranking #4 in the entire breed for REA, #6 for YW and #10 for WW. In addition posts top 10% SC and 30% IMF EPDs. All of that power is in a moderate package with a lot of rib shape, bone and foot. If you need to hold frame, clean up underlines and add some gas, then look no further than Bragg 795W11. He is truly a breed changing sire.