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Miller Brangus - 03/23/2013

Sale Information:

Miller Brangus Sale Facility, Waynesboro, TN

E.D., Bert & Doyle Miller
3762 Natural Bridge Rd/ Waynesboro, TN 38485
Doyle Miller: (615) 351-2783
Bert Miller: (901) 870-2300
Bart Pope, Ranch Mgr: (931) 722-0244
Email: bart@millerbrangus.com / www.millerbrangus.com


Schedule of Events:

Sale Contacts:

If you would like to place a bid on any lot but will not be able to be with us, please direct your phone bid to any of the sale staff listed.

Richard Hood | richardh@amscattle.com | 979-224-6150
Mark Cowan | markc@amscattle.com | 903-495-4522
Trey Kirkpatrick | treyk@amscattle.com | 979-324-5518
Brad Wright | bradw@amscattle.com | 979-219-4599


Hurricane Inn | (931) 722-5579 | 550 Hwy 64 E | Waynesboro, TN
Embassy Inn | (931) 796-1500 | Hohenwald, TN
Richland Inn| (931) 762-0061 | Lawrenceburg, TN
Bear Inn | (931) 676-5552 | Clifton, TN
Hampton Inn Pickwick Dam at Shiloh Falls | (731) 689-3031 | Counce, TN